Digital Tools Training Program

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Free training to equip journalists with tools for news gathering, reporting, and storytelling

About the Program

AAJA-Asia and the Google News Initiative have teamed up to provide free training and outreach to journalists in Asia looking to apply the latest digital tools in their news gathering, reporting and storytelling.



1. What does the training include?

The training includes a workshop lasting from one to three hours providing an overview of the latest digital tools useful to journalists, including Google tools or providing in-depth training on one Google tool. Longer training can be discussed.

A trainer is provided at no cost to you. Thanks to a grant from the Google News Initiative, AAJA-Asia pays for the travel expense for the trainer to come to you.

2. Who are the trainers?

The trainers are AAJA-Asia members who have received training from Google News Initiative staff.

3. What does the host organization need to provide?

  • A minimum of 10 participants. The organization is responsible for marketing the training.
  • A room that will hold all the participants and possibly allow for the participants to have table space for his/her laptop.
  • An LCD projector/screen, laptop audio, WiFi, and power.
  • The host organization will encourage audience completion of a post-training online survey.
  • Please note: This training is available only in locations where trainers reside. AAJA-Asia aims to expand the network of trainers.

4. What are the Google tools that can be taught to your organization/staff/members?

  • Advanced web searches, including Google Advanced Search: Research with precision | Simple tools and tips to help you get better results, faster | Searching cached content and monitoring changes on web pages | People searches and websites/databases to use when investigating individuals | Company searches and where to look to investigate corporations
  • Google Maps: Show where stories happen by building interactive maps 
  • Google Translate: On assignment across the world, or in a diaspora community across town, you may find yourself in a situation where you need help bridging a language gap 
  • Google Alerts: Stay in the know on breaking stories that are important to journalists 
  • Google Trends: Use real-time search data to bring people the stories they’re looking for 
  • Google Tables and Google Dataset Search: Help you to get to your desired data faster and easier
  • Extracting data from PDF and cleaning data
  • A glimpse into how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are used in journalism
  • Google Earth Pro: Free satellite images that help your investigation and story presentation
  • Google My Maps and Fusion Tables: Build interactive maps that help you find insights from data and tell your stories in a more engaging way
  • Google Image Search: Help you to track and verify online images

5. Why is Google News Initiative providing this training to journalists?

AAJA-Asia wants to help equip journalists, especially ones in emerging markets, with the latest digital tools to produce quality news and storytelling. Select AAJA-Asia members have been trained by the Google News Initiative to bring this training to your doorstep.The training can take place in your newsroom, for organizations, at conferences, and at campuses. 


About the Google News Initiative Training Network: The Google News Initiative has partnered with AAJA-Asia to identify and train AAJA-Asia members to teach digital and Google tools for news and storytelling at conferences, workshops and newsrooms across the country. Google and AAJA-Asia are committed to training as many journalists as possible in the effective use of digital tools and reporting stories.


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About the Google News Initiative: Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. The Google News Initiative is our effort to work with the news industry to help journalism thrive in the digital age. The Google News Lab, an initiative under the GNI, was created to support the distribution and creation of the information that keeps us all informed about what’s happening in our world today – quality journalism. Today’s news organizations and media entrepreneurs are inventing new ways to discover, create and distribute news content – and we’re here to provide tools, data, and programs designed to help. For more information, visit