Executive Leadership Program

AAJA’s Executive Leadership Program (ELP) is dedicated to developing the next generation of journalists who can lead in uncertain times and build a sustainable future for journalism.

In today’s changing media landscape, it is vital that leaders are equipped for addressing the responsibilities and challenges of serving our increasingly diverse and cross-cultural world.

The program has an impressive 20+ year track record, committed to journalistic excellence and leadership training. ELP provides targeted professional development to diverse, high-potential, ambitious, and community-minded professionals. The program delivers more strategic, agile, confident and diversity conscious leaders.

ELP has trained more than 500 media professionals to date, successfully fostering a pipeline of savvy industry leaders — many at major media companies — and providing graduates with access to a robust, life-long, and supportive alumni network.

Additionally, ELP offers continuing learning opportunities year-round (online and in-person), including: alumni programming, mentorship, workshops, and networking events.


ELP Asia consists of 10 key components:

Diversity & Culture Developing a Negotiation Style
Communication Styles SMART Goals
Power & Influence Case Studies
Introspective Leadership Candid Conversations
Work-Life Balance Mentorship Lunch

For questions, email K. Oanh Ha at koanh.ha@gmail.com


The ELP 2019 Asia Seminar took place from Nov. 25-28, 2019 in Hong Kong.

The ELP 2019 Seminar is designed to deliver high impact in four intensive days, in a small group setting. Professional career coaches and industry executives facilitate the program’s robust curriculum. Key program benefits include:

  • Four days of intensive training
  • Connecting with industry peers and leaders
  • Career coaching and mentorship: small group pairing with a senior news leader at a major media company.

The trainings are highly interactive and have participants engaged in timely discussions, such as:

  • How do leadership styles across various cultures affect our work?
  • Deconstructing corporate culture to inform paths to success and overcoming barriers. In what ways does my background and passion impact my work?
  • How does digital media impact the industry and what is my role in it?
  • How can I meaningfully contribute to the industry and my community?
  • What lessons can be learned from established and emerging media markets?

Specifically, participants explore perspectives and gain concrete approaches on:

  • Diversity and culture in the workplace
  • Leadership skills, styles, and opportunities
  • Power, politics, and influence
  • Professional and career goal setting
  • Personal branding and confidence
  • Negotiation tactics and applications


Individuals with at least four to seven years of experience are encouraged to apply. Space is limited and applications are reviewed on a rotating basis until filled.