Executive Leadership Program Asia

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For more than 20 years, AAJA’s prestigious Executive Leadership Program (ELP) has been developing leaders for the media industry in an increasingly diverse and cross-cultural world.

AAJA’s Executive Leadership Program is back for 2022, this time again with an international cohort and a mostly online program spread out over three months, from May 7 to July 30.

ELP is a transformative experience, carefully cultivated to grow mid-career journalists as news leaders, managers and executives who can thrive in uncertain times and build a sustainable future for journalism. The program explores the responsibilities and challenges of a media workplace, leading in a changing landscape and the role of cultural values in a corporate environment. It’s a unique opportunity to learn, in a small and nurturing environment, from the experienced career coaches, senior news executives and industry leaders.

ELP has trained more than 500 media professionals to date, successfully fostering a pipeline of savvy industry leaders — many at major media companies — and providing graduates with access to a robust, life-long, and supportive alumni network. An in-demand program, ELP 2022 will accept a limited number of fellows. This year, 20 spots will be exclusively offered to journalists based in the Asia Pacific region–with a number of fellowships to defray tuition costs.

Deadline to apply for ELP Asia 2022 is April 22. Details on dates, costs and application process are here. For any additional information, please write to asia@aaja.org


AAJA-Asia, with the help of the Google News Initiative – who sponsors the ELP program’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Fellowships in Asia – has gathered testimonials from ELP Alumni in Asia and the US explaining how important their participation in this program has been in their journalistic career. Watch the first video with Angie Lau, Founder and CEO of Forkast.News (above) and discover more testimonials in the complete ELP Alumni Series.  



For the second consecutive year, the Google News Initiative (GNI) is supporting AAJA-Asia’s ELP Program with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) fellowships. Ten participants in Asia from under-represented communities will be selected to attend ELP and receive full tuition grants. Applicants from under-represented groups within their country’s or community’s media industry are encouraged to apply. Consideration will be given to gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, religious affiliation, socio-economic background, age and other experiences of disadvantage. AAJA-Asia welcomes all applications for the DEI fellowships.

Contact Gilles Demptos at gillesd@aaja.org with any question about the fellowship!


The Executive Leadership Program (ELP) is for any professional journalists interested in advancing their career and developing the skills to achieve their professional and personal goals. ELP is a challenging, practical and life changing experience. 

This is not a business-as-usual program about how to become a better manager. It is a transformational experience program aimed at developing the next generation of diverse journalism leaders who can lead in uncertain times and build a sustainable future for journalism. 

The ELP 2022 program will take place virtually over 8 mini-sessions from May 7 to July 30, with a hybrid closing session on July 30. Programming for the Asia and US Fellows will be held in their respective time zones, with several joint sessions and networking opportunities. 

The ELP 2022 Seminar is designed to deliver high impact in a small group setting. Professional career coaches and industry executives facilitate the program’s robust curriculum. Key program benefits also include:

  • Connecting with industry peers and leaders from Asia and the US
  • Career coaching and mentorship: small group pairing with a senior news leader at a major media company.

The trainings are highly interactive and have participants engaged in timely discussions, such as:

  • How do leadership styles across various cultures affect our work?
  • Deconstructing corporate culture to inform paths to success and overcoming barriers. In what ways does my background and passion impact my work?
  • How does digital media impact the industry and what is my role in it?
  • How can I meaningfully contribute to the industry and my community?
  • What lessons can be learned from established and emerging media markets?

Specifically, participants explore perspectives and gain concrete approaches on:

  • Diversity and culture in the workplace
  • Leadership skills, styles, and opportunities
  • Power, politics, and influence
  • Professional and career goal setting
  • Personal branding and confidence
  • Negotiation tactics and applications

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