Webinar on the State of Journalism in HK

The East-West Center and South China Morning Post organize on Wednesday, October 7, from 8:30 to 10:00am (HK time) a webinar on The Future of US-China-Hong Kong Relations and Media Challenges. Supported by AAJA-Asia, forekast.news and HKU Journalism, the event will feature Gary Liu, CEO of The South China Morning Post and Lingling WEI, Senior China Correspondent at The Wall Street Journal (see full line up below).

The US government sees China eroding Hong Kong’s freedoms in violation of Beijing’s “one country, two systems” commitment. For Americans, Hong Kong is a case of a powerful dictatorship forcing authoritarianism on a small and relatively free community, and also an instance of China disregarding an international commitment. Beijing sees Hong Kong as a haven for intolerably subversive ideas, and alleges that Washington is using Hong Kong as a tool to weaken China. The Trump Administration has levied sanctions against Chinese officials over the National Security Law and has several advisors pushing for a decoupling of the two economies. Meanwhile the Biden-Harris team promises to make liberal values an important part of US foreign policy. Trump and Biden are competing to appear tough on China as part of their election campaign strategies. Hong Kong is one of the friction points in a rapidly deteriorating US-China relationship in the wake of the ongoing trade war and expulsion of journalists by both countries.


  • Gary LIU, CEO, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong @garyliu
  • Keith RICHBURG, Director, Journalism and Media Studies Centre, University of Hong Kong; and former Washington Post China Correspondent, Hong Kong @keithrichburg
  • Robert DELANEY, North America Bureau Chief and Columnist, South China Morning Post, former reporter in China for Dow Jones Newswires and Bloomberg, Washington, DC, USA @RFDelaney
  • Lingling WEI, Senior China Correspondent, Wall Street Journal, based in Beijing until China expelled Journal reporters in 2020; co-author Superpower Showdown: How the Battle Between Trump and Xi Threatens a New Cold War, New York, USA  @Lingling_Wei 


  • Angie LAU, Editor-in-Chief, CEO, and Founder, Forkast.News, Hong Kong @AngieTVLau

Check out the full program and register on the East-West Center’s website.