Winner of AAJA-Asia Google Digital Journalism Award

AAJA-Asia Chapter is proud to announce the winner of the first AAJA-Asia Google Digital Journalism Award that honors and recognizes the best journalism that features “new ways of storytelling” using digital technology.

The award goes to: Patrick Boehler, SCMP: “Voices from Tiananmen”

Here is a link to the winning entry:

In this interactive SCMP feature on “Voices from Tiananmen,” Patrick Boehler and his team of about two dozen people at the SCMP, ChinaFile, and JMSC take the reader on a comprehensive visit through one of China’s uglier pages of its history, featuring compelling voices and issues that remain.

This submission was notable for its engaging use of digital media tools, but more important, the journalism and storytelling was enhanced by the creative use of words and pictures that was interactive and educational for all.   Congratulations to all involved!


Josh Kim: “Google Glass Diaries”

This is an ambitious project that uses the Google Glass, a relatively affordable piece of technology, used in a unique way to bring us a rich and intimate look at the world in a series that aims to “celebrate the uncelebrated.”  Josh Kim’s first person POV project aims to complete 100 vignettes of people, spanning seven continents.  This entry showcases the best of journalism: to give voice to the voiceless.  Josh does it in a unique way using tools anyone can use to tell these important stories of so-called average people.  This project is anything but average.


Cedric Sam, SCMP: “Occupy Lapse”

Occupy Hong Kong was a seminal moment for the city’s history. During Occupy HK, the protest took on a life of its own.  But how to keep up?  In a wonderful and innovative way, Cedric Sam provided a snapshot of the protest in real-time, using tools that are available for free to anyone.  Using an exclusive archive of traffic webcam images available as open data by the government, Cedric created video timelapses of different hot zones during the Occupy HK movement superimposed on Google maps.  It is an unfiltered glimpse into what happened during the days from October to December, 2014 when Hong Kong was in the grips of protest.


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About the 2015 AAJA-Google Digital Journalism Award
What does the award honor?

This award recognizes the best journalism of the year with a focus on technological advancement in society, leveraging digital searches and online data at the core of storytelling. In partnership with the award’s sponsor Google, AAJA is looking for the best and brightest work that tells the continuing story and issues of how our society continues to evolve in the physical and digital world.


Who is eligible?
The Award is open to:

  • Journalists based in Asia-Pacific region
  • Members of AAJA (*non-members are considered eligible if they sign up for full-year paid membership at AAJA $65/year in connection with their submission/ and become members)