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As the annual New.Now.Next Media Conference (N3Con 2022) is getting closer, it is now the perfect time to join AAJA-Asia or renew your membership and enjoy:
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N3Con 2022 tickets now available

AAJA-Asia is proud to announce N3Con 2022, the 12th edition of the New.Now.Next Media Conference from July 27- 30, 2022 in Singapore with a unique hybrid event featuring both online and in-person elements. For the first time, N3Con will also offer online sessions jointly with AAJA’s National Convention in Los Angeles.

Since the last N3Con in 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic has continued to rampage globally, taking millions more lives and inciting controversial responses in countries around the world. The US withdrew from Afghanistan, and Russia shocked the world by invading Ukraine. Populists and authoritarian regimes continue to thrive from massive disinformation.

N3Con 2022 aims to serve the professional needs of journalists throughout Asia, nurture a diverse community and create a safe, communal space for crucial conversations about covering a disrupted world.

N3Con 2022, AAJA-Asia’s first in-person conference in three years, will also resume with physical newsroom tours, workshops and networking events while striving to show attendees a wonderful time in the vibrant Lion City.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at N3Con 2022!

K. Oanh Ha
AAJA-Asia President

Find Out More at N3Con.com

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